Autumn Leaf Mobile

My girls love to collect all things autumn at the moment, so I’ve got them to collect and make this super leaf mobile, we all had lots of fun doing it! It cost absolutely nothing after collecting the leaves I had everything in my garden-Bamboo canes and Garden twine. You do need to get the leaves laminated you can do this at places like staples or do in your lunch hour at work!!

Whats Needed
  • Some fallen autumn leaves the redder, pinker the better (get them laminated and cut around them)
  • 2 sticks or 2 thin bamboo canes
  • Natural garden twin


  1. Tie the bamboo canes together into a cross shape my canes are roughly 15″/38cm long. Leave a piece of string to make a loop to hang up.
  2. Tie twine of 10″/25cm lengths to the end of each cane.
  3. Hole punch each leaf at the bottom.
  4. Thread each leave on to twine and simply tie, repeat this until all leaves are used up. Tie the leaves however you like the more adventurous the better! Have a look at my picture!

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