Painted Pebble Bugs

This is a fun activity your children will love! Let your children’s imagination go wild as they think up different bugs to paint and make! You can use them as paper weights or room decoration.

Whats Needed

  • As many pebbles as want to paint, in a nice oval shape.
  • Acrylic paints
  • Pipe cleaners in various colours
  • Old tights
  • Wobbly eyes (Or you can just paint them on)
  • Clear Varnish


  1. Get your children to paint both sides of the pebble in the colour of the bug! Let one colour dry before painting in a different colour so they don’t smug into each other.
  2. Bumble Bees – Yellow/Black strips, Ladybird – Red with black spots, Beetle – Blue/Green add glitter after painting to add the shiny effect of Beetles!
  3. To make the wings, shape a pipe cleaner into a figure of eight shape and stretch a piece of the tights over. Fasten tights in place with another length of pipe cleaner wound round the middle of the wing.
  4. When the painted pebbles are dry varnish. When dry glue the wobbly eyes in place (Or paint them on) The wings are best glued on with strong glue (I’ve used super glue and made the girls watch this bit!) Have fun!

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