Halloween Spider and Bat Craft!

This is a combination of mine and my mummy’s day with the girls! I did the spiders she did the bats! Easy and simple Halloween fun!

Whats Needed
  • Old Black tights for the spider head and body(They will need sewing together)
  • Pipe cleaners for the legs
  • Googly eyes
  • Black paper for the bats
  • Glue and lots of glitter for bat sparkle


  1. Roll the tights into two balls one for the body and a smaller one for the head and fasten/stretch into a piece of the tights for a firm body/head, hold in place with pipe cleaners. Sew the body and head together with black cotton but you could glue them.
  2. Fasten pipe cleaners around the body for the legs. Sew a long piece of cotton to hang up somewhere spooky!
  3. For the bats cut a simple bat silhouette out and let your children go mad gluing and glittering! Hang on windows or walls for Halloween fun! Enjoy we did!

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