Salmon Wrapped In Bacon With Cream Cheese

Jack Frost has been busy hasn’t he! Its so cold I can’t seem to warm up. Today I have discovered that our dog Milly has been given “Lunch” by Merina I’m guessing this has been happening for a while. Merina has told me “Milly is waving at me, shes hungry?” When asked how does the dog wave she explained the classic dog begging with paw held up! It seems Milly is very clever and has learnt that “waving” at Merina means she gets Yogurt, cheese, she even has pealed her an orange which Merina said Milly ate!

It can be tough to get small children to want to eat fish. Try this recipe my two love the taste of bacon and cream cheese its turned into a favourite. Its a great way to get them to eat salmon which is so important. Plus its great for grown ups to!

  • I use half a Salmon fillet per child skinned
  • 200 g cream cheese
  • 3 rashes bacon


  1. Spoon the cream cheese onto the top of the skinned salmon fillets.
  2. Wrap each fillet in the rashes of bacon
  3. cook at 180 c /Gas 5 for 15/20 minutes until bacon going golden.
  4. I always serve the salmon with potato squares I make them by chopping a potato into cubes (I never peal them) sprinkle with a little olive oil and cook them for 30/35 minutes also at 180 c / Gas 5. Serve, how easy was that!

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