Christmas Door Wreath

I don’t know if a its Christmas thing or fashion thing but I’m really into red lipstick! I’ve even been wearing it on the school run. Today Merina and Tallulah also wanted some red lips so we all went for a winter walk looking a little scary! It was on this walk I decided I would like to make a Christmas door wreath I collected all the foliage and twigs I would need. I have never felt so smug as when I hung this on the door! Move over Kristy this is my home made Christmas! Join the smugness by making your own!!

Whats needed

  • Holly with red berries
  • Small fir tree branches with fir cones on
  • fern leaves
  • Small twigs with other seeds or pods on!
  • Garden twin or wire in brown or green
  • Gold spray (I bought mine in the garden centre)
  • Ribbon to tie and a few small Christmas decorations


  1. Spray the twigs and fern leaves gold and leave to dry. I also sprayed the fir cones even though they were attached to branch. I held a piece of paper in front of the branch so I just got the cone!
  2. Tie a piece of Holly to a piece of fir tree branch over lapping them, using the branches natural curve to help. You may need to wear gloves so you don’t get pricked by the Holy. Tie it together using the garden twin to form a circle. You may need to tie it in quite a few places to ensure a strong firm circle shape.
  3. When happy with the shape, decide which is the top, then fix on small pieces of the sprayed gold fern leaves and the little gold sprayed twigs with the garden wire.
  4. Finally add the Christmas decorations where they look needed!
  5. Hang with a lovely thick ribbon with a big bow. How pretty!

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