Baby due tomorrow and I have no kitchen!

40 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I’m huge have a bad back and I’m limping cowboy style. People keep saying to me “Ooh no your still pregnant” or “laughing at me and saying o poor you.” This is not helpful on any level – I’m willing this little baby out big time. I’ve had curry, raspberry leaf tea but tonight I may try sex (sorry mum) and may be poor Glen but hes going to get it!

I’m going to my local hospital for routine check ups and I’m being seen by a lady doctor who’s also happens to be a nun wearing full habit – Really I was so shocked but its true other Mummy’s at the local playgroup have also been seen by her! And yes shes called Mary! I’m seeing Mary next Monday to talk about induction!

On to my Kitchen extension they are about to knock down my kitchen wall leaving me exposed to the outside world for around the next 3 weeks. I have no kitchen but I’m having my sink moved and plumbed into the lounge! I’ve been bought a mini oven from Argos with two hobs on the top and bizarrely it can do rotisserie chicken so I’ll give that a go!

So with all this going on Gemma’s toddler kitchen is temporarily off, but I may go mad a do a few from my mini oven in the lounge………………!

Wish me luck, come on baby Marshall


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