Easy Peasy Quiche

I have been to “the country” and visited my brother,his girlfriend and my adorable niece Lovisa today. My darling only just potty trained daughter pooed herself twice and wet herself. The second time I caught her shaking poo out of her trousers! The joys!!

Living the good life Suffolk style my brother has more vegetables growing than I have ever seen and it looks so pretty. So here’s a picture of natures bounty…………

Quiche is something I used to be scared to cook but now I have made my own easy way with no fancy ingredients needed. Try it, you can also make two and freeze one for another day!


1 packet of shortcrust pastry

3/4 eggs

Half pint of milk or mix in cream if you have it or not!

For the filling; Mine was asparagus, red onion and cheese. But you could use bacon, ham, peas, tomato, cheese, peppers…….


  1. Roll out pastry and mold into 9″ (or abouts!) tin. It needs blind baking, I push foil on top of the pastry so it stays in place. Bake for 10 Min’s at 180 c until firm and cooked to touch. (don’t trim pastry to neatly until blind baked or it will shrink into tin)
  2. Mix together the eggs, milk, cheese, cream (if you have any). I make this with more eggs if I have them less if I don’t, cream if I have it, none if I don’t. It always sets and always tastes good!
  3. Add the egg mixture to the blind baked pastry in the tin.
  4. Nicely put your ingredients (Asparagus, red onion) into the egg mixture. You can fry off the onion first if you like or not I’ve done both and both work! I always try and make it look pretty!
  5. Bake for 25/30 Min’s at 180 c until set and golden brow. Serve! Its great for picnics……….


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