Fun Fruit Kebabs

Today has been none stop ironing/writing “Merina Marshall” on all school uniform even socks! Its Merina’s first day at school tomorrow. Where does the time go. Four years ago I was bringing home a small angry baby and now shes flying the nest to go to school. I worry allot – who will help her put her shoes on, she can’t use a knife to eat with, who will blow her nose, what happens if she gets lost in the corridors!? My Mum tells me its about becoming grown up learning to look after yourself but shes still my small angry baby!

OK so aside from being an emotional wreck I’ve decided this is the best ever easiest peasiest pudding that’s fun and the great bit is, its only fruit! Get your children to help make it with you get them involved!


  • Lots of yummy fruit (seasonal is better, it tastes better and is cheaper)
  • Slide fruit on to wooden kebab sticks (for really young ones use straws I did this for my son he loved it and he couldn’t hurt himself on a straw!)


  1. Peel and chop all fruit to roughly a bite size piece. Leave grapes and strawberries whole as the shape looks pretty!
  2. Slide onto kebab stick. Serve and they will love it, so will the grown ups! Great for parties, picnics and pudding.

Cousin Lovisa came for a sleepover!


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