Bonfire night crafty fun!

After the first day back at school some kind of calm has been restored in the house.

Today after school all three of my darlings were happily playing, then I noticed River kicking his arms and legs not complaining but something was up. The girls had managed to get him strapped in a chair using a backpack that straps across the chest, he couldn’t get out and was just wriggling. I had to hide my laugh when telling the girls off!

Its bonfire night on Saturday so I’ve been making some fun pictures with the girls. Give it a go mine loved it!

Whats needed for the bonfire picture

Twigs, leaves

Tissue paper – fire coloured

Black paper and glue

For the Rocket bookmark

Coloured card

lolly pop stick and pipe cleaners

Glue and anything glittery!

Method for bonfire

Stick the twigs/leaves in a fire shape and then the tissue paper above in long flames!

Method for the rocket bookmark

Cut the card into two rectangular shapes the same size and another piece in a triangle.

Glue together the two rectangle pieces sandwiching the lollipop stick and the pipe cleaners at one end. Glue the triangle piece on the top. Decorate with glittery bits. Bang its a firework!!

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