Play Dough to Play with!

Happy New Year!! Christmas was really lovely, the girls really got it this year although a little sad its all over I am pleased to see the decorations down it all seems so much brighter. I am starting the new year feeling excited. Its a great reason to start a fresh, new goals, challenges. I am starting Zumba and I can’t dance at all. I am planning to go twice a week! I will miss/escape the bath and bedtime routine so its worth it just for that!! I used to buy play dough, but not any more its soooooo easy to make, quick and cheap as chips. Try this and I promise you will never buy it again!

Play Dough Method
(From about 18 months old) I make it with a tea cup for a measure that way no scales needed and less washing up! 1 tea cup of water in a saucepan, 1 tea cup of plain flour, 2 tbsps of cream of tartar, half a cup of salt, 1 table spoon of oil ( I have been told you can use hand cream so it makes your hands soft when playing with it!) Food colouring which ever colour you fancy I did red and yellow. Mix well over a medium heat until it forms a dough about 3/5 minutes. When its cooled play away with cookie cutters and rolling pins! Store in cling film in the fridge to play with again. Brilliant!

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