Broccoli Cheese Balls

April showers make for some very grey days.  I hate the school run in the rain, I hate all the coats, hats and umbrellas! I need a holiday…. but with 3 kids is a holiday ever really a holiday I think of it as the same job but with a better scenery!

Today was my 5th GTK cooking class and it went really well we made cheesy broccoli balls!! Which made for few giggles!  They are delicious – one mum told her daughter didn’t like broccoli but was eating them in front of me!

Great snack, give them a go and super duper quick;

 4 slices of white bread bread crumbed – blended
1 good handful of broccoli
1 good handful of grated cheddar cheese
2 eggs whisked

Heat oven to 220c.  Grease baking tray.
chop broccoli, add bread crumbs, cheese and mix.
Stir in milk until wet enough to stick.
Shape into smallish balls – this makes about 6/8
Cook for 10 minutes and turn half way.


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