Cheese Straws

Its my brother in laws wedding this weekend and I’m very excited both girls are going to be flower girls.  I love getting all dressed up and buying a new hat!
I’m going to see dirty dancing tonight at the theatre, I’m a real girl when it comes to love stories…!

Cheese straws are easy peasy lemon squeezey snack or lunch box filler…..

4 oz plain flour
2 oz marg
2 oz cheese
2 eggs
pinch of parsley

Turn oven to 200c
Add the flour and marg together in a bowl and use your hands to turn it into ‘breadcrumbs’
Mix in the grated cheese and parsley.
Whisk the egg and mix in to flour to form a dough.  If its to wet add flour, if its to dry add some water.
Roll out onto floured surface and cut dough into 5″ long, 0.5″ thick straws.
Cook on a baking paper for about 10 minutes until just golden brown.


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