Sticky Chicken Drum Sticks with Vegetable Rice

I am expecting my 4th baby!  Due in April.  I am getting used to the idea, if a little worried.  But a least I’ll get my figure back quickly I’m sure I won’t sit down with 4 children to run around after!

This my children’s new favourite dinner they love it especially my little man River – he loves to be able to hold a chicken drum stick, he’s a proper little cave man!
Its easy quick with little effort.

A chicken drum stick for each child
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
A big squeeze of ketchup
pinch of pepper

Enough rice for the number of children
10 cherry tomatoes chopped and yellow or orange pepper chopped ( Or what ever veg they like)

I put the chicken in a bag with the Worcestershire sauce, ketchup and pepper mix round and leave to marinade in the fridge.
Pour out chicken and sauce onto a baking tray and cook chicken at 180c for 25/30 Min’s until chicken is cooked and golden.
While chicken is cooking cook the rice according to packet.
Chop vegetables, drain cooked rice and mix in with the vegetables.
Put the cooked chicken on top of rice, serve.  I wrap a bit of kitchen towel around the bottom of each leg to make it easy to pick up! Enjoy!!


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