Cheats Chicken Nuggets

Life with four kids is definitely hectic, but full of laughter and chaos and I think I like the chaos….
I’d be lying if I said I’m mother earth and everything has been home baked and home made since the birth of Tiger.  We’ve had lots of friends cook dinner for us, and freezer fish fingers have also been on the menu quite a bit!  But nine weeks in and I’m starting to get my mojo back.  Last night I made these beyond tasty chicken nuggets, the cheats recipe came from a friend who’s a nanny (we call her the Hot Nanny!)

Give these nuggets a go they really were delicious and so easy its ridiculous!

2 chicken breasts
2/3 good handles of cornflakes crushed (use rice crispies if you don’t have cornflakes)
150g creme cheese either plain or garlic and herb
2/3 tbsp oil

Slice the chicken into thin small nuggets.
Mix the chicken into the creme cheese.  If you have time leave to marinade in the fridge for a couple of hours, if not use straight away.
Roll the creme cheese covered chicken pieces into the crushed cornflakes.
Fry in a large pan with the oil for 5/7 minutes turning half way through cooking. Until golden brown.
Serve with raw vegetables cut into batons for the easiest, quickest tastiest tea ever!

All the fabulous pictures (apart from the family and nuggets snap!!)  on this post are by my lovely friend Hayley

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