Fish Soap in a bag party favour

Summer for us is always hectic with weddings, holidays, Christenings and my two eldest daughters birthdays are within a week of each.  This year is extra exciting as my daughters are bridesmaids at my best friends wedding!

I have made these party favours for my Daughters 6th swimming pool birthday party.

They look so sweet and were fun to make!  No swimming or circus themed party is complete without them.

What you need
Crystal melt/pour soap (ebay does it)
Plastic gold fish (ebay does them)
Polythene Plastic bags (I got mine in hobby craft)
Ribbon to tie
A funnel to pour melted soap through
Chopstick or skewer to hold the fish in place while soap hardens
A bowl with ice in to help cool and harden the soap quickly.

Cube the soap into small cubes.
Put in a microwavable bowl.
Microwave on high until the soap has melted but do not let it boil (it can make the soap go grey in colour)
Once the soap is melted, pour using the funnel into one of the bags.  I melted enough soap to make 3 at a time.
Drop in a ‘gold fish’ and push it down into the melted soap. Also make sure its the right way round using the chopstick to help or your fish could look dead!!
Put the bag with soap and fish in into the ice bowl to help set and harden the soap.
Peg up the bag to let it completely set in place.
When the soap has cooled and hardened tie with pretty ribbon.
Surly this one of the best party bag favours ever!!


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