Snowmen Cookie-pop


These are so quick and easy.  No baking involved, perfect festive fun to have with the kids.  My son River loved helping me make these and his sisters loved eating them!  Make them this weekend for a sweet treat.  Love Gemma x xIMG_1165IMG_1157


  • 6-8 cookies ( I used Oreo cookies)
  • 150 g white chocolate
  • cake/lolly pop sticks
  • small sweet decorations for the snowman’s face


  1. Slide the lolly stick into the cookie middle, don’t worry if the cookie breaks the chocolate will hold it all together.
  2. Melt the white chocolate in microwave until all smooth and melted about  3 mins.
  3. Wait until the chocolate is cooled, almost cold to touch (it takes ages to set hard so there is no rush!)  Then pour the chocolate over the cookies holding the cookie by the stick, making sure its completely covered.  If  the chocolate is too warm it will melt the Oreos middle and it will fall apart.
  4. Decorate with small sweets to make your snowman’s face!  I pushed mine into a foil covered apple to harden and display!  Enjoy x



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