Wooden Rustic Reindeer

I made this today with three of my kids in under an hour.  I’ve seen them everywhere, and all quite expensive. We have tons of wood for our log burner.  I do realise that this isn’t going to be for everyone but I really wanted to share how easy it was, plus the kids loved it!  I am no DIY queen but still managed to make it.  I (ok my husband) have a drill with various drill bits (which I have no idea what they are really meant for) and a ‘how hard can it be’ attitude!
Hopefully you will make this to or get creative with logs, twigs…and a drill!

I drilled four holes in a log for his legs, then found four wooden sticks for legs. The same for his neck and head. I added branches for his antlers. Then I screwed it all together. Sharpie pen eyes and a christmas decoration for his nose! I didn’t cut or chop any wood – I found bits that looked right and made them fit and work! Give it a go and see what you can make.
Merry Christmas, love Gemma x x






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